Smile Gallery

Dr. Corey and our team at SLC HI-Tech & Cosmetic dentistry uses the latest techniques, materials and technology to give you the smile that you have always desired. This gallery is just a small example of the dramatic changes that we can make.  Schedule a consultation appointment now so that we can discuss creating for you the power of a beautiful smile.


This patient had veneers placed and was extremely dissatisfied with the shape and contour of his teeth. Notice the dark spaces between the teeth around the gums. This was a very simple cosmetic treatment. 


This veneer case was very rewarding because the patient was understandably displeased with the esthetic appearance of the current situation. We were able to remove the existing restorations and regain a natural appearance.

Combination Treatment

This cosmetic case involved an extraction, implant, veneers and crowns. Combination treatments like this are very rewarding for the patient and our entire team.

Full mouth rehabilitation

This patient had failing veneers and a genetic dissorder that affected the developement of her enamel. This treatment required a full mouth rehabilitation and was very dramatic.